Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center
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Healing begins here.

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Founder of Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center.
Holistic Trauma Therapist. Coach.
Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse.

It wasn't just my 27 years of experience as a therapist or my passion for helping others heal from trauma and abuse that inspired me to create The Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center.  

I recall that pivotal moment when I realized my involvement with narcissists has spanned much of my entire childhood and adulthood. I began to question what was wrong with me and why I continued to attract this into my life. It didn't matter what I did, I couldn't seem to break free.


And then, I made a commitment and vow to myself, NEVER AGAIN. I would never allow narcissism to infiltrate my relationships, health and wellbeing again. We all deserve to heal and feel loved, respected and safe. 

But I was exhausted, my body was experiencing the effects of chronic trauma, and I had lost touch with myself.  I yearned for a place where I could recover my mind, body, and spirit, but I struggled to find professionals who truly understood the big picture of what I needed to heal. 


It inspired me to create the Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center, so that survivors of this insidious abuse will have a safe place that truly understands this complex form of abuse, and can offer trauma informed, holistic, effective guidance and treatment. 

Welcome to The Nest.  This is your safe haven where you can mend your wings and fly again. 

Begin Your Journey Here

Therapy is an excellent choice for a deep dive into healing & trauma recovery.

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Holistic, trauma informed coaching for people around the globe who desire to heal from narcissistic abuse.

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Reiki is a form of energy healing & a powerful complement to your healing journey.

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Learn more about relationships, holistic health, trauma recovery, and narcissistic abuse.

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My hope for you:
That you will never again question your sanity or your reality.
By working with me you can learn to:
  • Become a master at identifying red flags because you are tuned in to your body and intuition.

  • Make wise, confident, heart centered decisions to create relationships that honor your mind, heart, body, and soul.

  • Discern whether you should stay or leave a relationship.

  • Create safety and security in your life.

  • Understand and heal your trauma so that you are no longer led by your wounds. 

  • Free yourself from patterns of self-betrayal, low self-worth, manipulation and abuse.

  • Find your voice.

  • Speak your truth. 

  • Love and honor yourself.

Nest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center

The Nest:
A Safe Haven Where
You Can Mend Your Wings And Fly.

Many people who have had long term relationships with a narcissist or other toxic people begin to experience symptoms of illness, disease, or pain in the body without realizing this is connected to the abuse they are experiencing. They may feel disconnected from their true selves, and like they've lost touch with their inner wisdom.

I offer a holistic, integrated approach in my work to help you heal the visible and invisible wounds of narcissistic abuse, including: 

  • Trauma focused, somatic approaches that address the roots of trauma.

  • Energetic healing through Reiki and intuitive wisdom. 

  • As a Certified Integrative Medicine Mental Health Provider, I can also offer support for your physical health by addressing the mind-body connection, and a plan to improve your physical well-being.



"Chelli has a way of bringing light and changing my perspective without me even realizing it at first. Our sessions have been profound in my healing from multiple traumas and have helped guide me to my life path in a beautiful way."